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Superhero Hype’s Best Amazon Toy and Collectibles Deals for Feb 10

Superhero Hype’s Best Amazon Toy and Collectibles Deals for Feb 10

Did Santa fail to bring the right toys to big boys, girls, and everyone else? Time to get those Valentine’s Day requests in. In this ongoing series, Superhero Hype takes a look at some of the better deals for Feb 10 that has running as of publication time. Please note that all deals are subject to change or sell out at any time based on supply and demand.

Recreate Darth Vader’s iconic entrance, or simply display your existing collection of figures in new scenes. The familiar spaceship corridor can connect with others to create larger scenes, and comes with a Rebel Fleet Trooper.


The Mandalorian is a tough figure to find, so if you don’t mind colorful variants, this is a solid bounty. It’s based on Din Djarin’s look in the end-credits concept art from season 1. And it also not-coincidentally resembles the Holiday Special animated Boba Fett.


Always wanted to customize toys, but never been good at sculpting or painting? No problem! Buy this wooden action figure, and color it in any way you like! Colored pencils included.


After Chadwick Boseman’s death, most Black Panther action figures more than doubled in price. Not Mezco’s. Perhaps because it already was priced at a collector level, their One:12 Collective T’Challa, in custom tailored bodysuit and with an alternate masked head, remains a relative bargain for figures of its type.

Remember Killer Instinct? Even the most hardcore fans may not remember it got a toy line. Standing around 6-inches, with diorama bases and limited articulation, these figures feel like a throwback to the early aughts. It was a heyday for monsters, babes, biceps, and robots. And borderline R-rated characters intricately sculpted primarily for one great pose.

Everyone’s favorite animated not-the-Fantastic Four family gets cute super-deformed action figures with scene-specific accessories. When every action figure is super…these Incredibles still will be.

Evil female Batman as Aquaman! McFarlane Toys continue their quest to make toys of all the Dark Multiverse Dark Knights, and be totally metal about it.

During the stay-at-home pandemic, many Star Trek fans have been doing season re-watches and recognized the brilliance of Jeffrey Combs. As such diverse antagonists as Weyoun, Brunt, and Shran, he was guaranteed to be a scene-stealer. Now rediscover the role that made him a cult figure, as NECA’s Reanimator action figure is still available for close to its original retail price.

It seems every toy company is remaking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as high-end figures these days. However, fans of the more recent Michael Bay-produced movies aren’t getting that much love. Grab this four-pack of those versions at a steal of a price if you’re among those who dug ’em.

The original Alien very nearly got its own Kenner toy line, but it never quite made it all the way to stores. Until Super7 got hold of the molds and made them! Brett and Parker weren’t designed for the original line, but the rereleases did so well that the series expanded. Nab this classic three-pack in the style of another vintage Kenner line.

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