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THE MANDALORIAN Star Giancarlo Esposito Teases Possibility That Moff Gideon Could Be Force-Sensitive

The Mandalorian‘s first season didn’t give Giancarlo Esposito’s Moff Gideon a lot of screentime, but the stage was clearly set for him to take on a larger role when the series returns to Disney+ this fall. The finale ended with a big tease about the villain as he emerged from his crashed TIE Fighter with the Darksaber in hand as his mission to retrieve The Child continues. 

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight to promote his role in the upcoming Far Cry 6 video game, Esposito dropped some interesting and subtle hints about the Moff being Force-sensitive.

“To have this saber means I could use it, and I can do my own dirty work, that I’m a fighter, I’m a warrior, that’s part of me, also creates the possibility that he is, ya know, one of the ones, ya know, like, he possibly has THAT and that to me is interesting,” the actor cryptically teased. “Because, is he really that fallen hero?”

It’s certainly intriguing to wonder if Gideon is more than just an Imperial Moff, and in the same interview, Esposito dropped more wild speculation that the villain could even be a “descendant of Darth Vader.” That seems highly unlikely, but The Mandalorian‘s big bad could be an even bigger threat than first realised…he’s clearly up to something pretty sinister with cloning, though!

What do you guys think?