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THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER Star Sebastian Stan Unsure When Filming On The Disney+ Series Restarts

Like every other movie and TV show which was shooting earlier this month, work on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has been put on hold. That was in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and while the majority of productions initially hit the pause button for two weeks, that’s likely to be extended due to there being no sign of this virus going anywhere in the near future. 

During a recent interview with Muscle & Fitness, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier star Sebastian Stan was actually asked when he anticipates returning to work, and it sounds like it could be a while before shooting is able to resume on the Disney+ series. 

“It’s not really at the forefront of my mind,” the actor admitted. “You know, we were lucky to get far enough. We haven’t finished. The plan is to go back whenever we can, whenever that might be, to finish. Whenever we can turn this thing around and people can get back together, we can pick back up, but I just don’t know at this point.”

It sounds like the majority of work on the show has been finished, but it still may not be enough to ensure that the Avengers: Endgame follow-up meets its planned August premiere date. 

Marvel Studios is said to be working remotely on its films and TV shows, but there’s only so much that can be done from home, and there are still scenes which haven’t been shot yet. Some of those are thought to be from the first few episodes, so it’s not like even half of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is done and ready to go at this point. 

Ultimately, it all depends on how long these delays last for, but we’ll hopefully find out more soon.