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ETERNALS: Scanline VFX Studios Confirms That They’re Working Remotely On The Marvel Studios Movie

Hollywood has been hit hard by COVID-19, and not even superheroes are resistant to the pandemic.

Black Widow has already been delayed indefinitely by Disney and Marvel Studios, and there’s some doubt whether Eternals is going to be able to meet is planned November release. The VFX heavy movie has finished shooting, but it’s still in post-production and could be in need of reshoots over the summer. 

There is, however, some good news today as one of the VFX houses working on the film has confirmed that they’re currently working remotely on that and other projects they’re attached to.

We don’t know exactly how much of Eternals Scanline VFX Studios is committed to bringing to life on the big screen, but if they’re able to work remotely, others are bound to be as well. So, this is definitely a positive update, but not one which guarantees that the highly anticipated origin story for these ancient superheroes will actually make it to theaters this winter as planned. 

Instead, it seems far more likely that Black Widow will take Eternals‘ release date…assuming theaters have been able to open their doors by then (which is definitely the hope right now). 

We’ll keep you guys updated as we learn more!

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