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Why Did Bobbi Morse Adopt the Codename Mockingbird?

This “The Book of Knowledge.” In this feature, I spotlight instances where notable revelations that affect comic book continuity were first made in texts outside of comic book stories themselves. In other words, times when stuff like the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe either introduced or resolved changes to continuity.

Today, we learn the reason why Bobbi Morse took on the codename of Mockingbird.

Years ago, I detailed Bobbi Morse’s insane history. You can check it out here. Suffice it to say, though, that Bobbi went through some dramatic twists and turns in her comic book career.

She debuted as a sort of generic damsel in distress for Ka-Zar to save in the Savage Land…

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But wait… she is actually a government scientist!

But wait again…she is a scientist who is secretly working for SHIELD!

She then became a regular love interest for Ka-Zar and she would also team-up with him a few times in her capacity as a SHIELD agent. Then that Ka-Zar series ended and Bobbi was left in limbo. Mike Friedrich saved her and turned her into a new vigilante known as the Huntress!

The hook of the comic is that Bobbi learns that their are moles within SHIELD and thus she goes beyond SHIELD to become a vigilante to take down the threats within SHIELD…

The Huntress made only a single appearance and that seemed to be it for Bobbi. In the meantime, DC introduced their own Huntress character who became quite popular. So when Bobbi was brought back in Marvel Team-Up #95 (by Steven Grant, Jimmy James and Bruce Patterson), she was now known as Mockingbird…

She was still hunting down corruption within SHIELD, so this doesn’t exactly explain why she would be called Mockingbird now…

She tragically got shot a few times by duped SHIELD agents (who believed that she was trying to kill Nick Fury) when trying to preserve some information she had discovered…

Don’t worry, she got better.

But what’s with the name?

The answer was surprisingly only revealed in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe…

It revealed that she had taken the name in honor of a CIA operation that Nick Fury had been in charge of before his SHIELD days (perhaps as a way to earn Nick’s trust?).

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