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The 100: [SPOILER]’s Betrayal Is a Bid for Peace

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for “Memento Mori,” the sixth episode of The 100, Season 6, which premiered Tuesday on The CW.

The previous episode of The 100 concluded on a shocking cliffhanger as Josephine, the Prime possessing the body of Clarke Griffin, revealed herself to John Murphy and asked if he would join her in exchange for his own possible immortality. To the surprise of many, Murphy tentatively agreed to hear out Josephine’s offer. The latest episode of the hit CW series has confirmed that the longtime main character is apparently working with the Primes to learn more about the Nightbloods within the crew of the Eligius IV.

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However, while Josephine’s initial proposition to Murphy played on the character’s newfound deep fear of his own mortality after a recent near-death experience, Murphy’s rationale behind his betrayal may be slightly more altruistic than it initially appeared.

Upon discovering that Clarke’s body had been possessed by a Prime (the ruling class of Sanctum) Bellamy Blake was sedated by Josephine. The latest episode reveals that Bellamy is now being held captive within the Primes’ compound, chained to the floor while Sanctum’s elite attempt to learn more about the Eligius IV crew coming from Earth.

In an effort to help convince Bellamy to cooperate, Murphy poses as a new prisoner to appeal to his crewmate and friend about taking up the Primes’ offer of amnesty in exchange for information about Nightbloods — rare individuals with blackened blood immune to lethal radiation who are also capable of undergoing the Primes’ immortality-granting mind transfer process.

With the Primes demanding to know if the Eligius IV has any more Nightbloods — whose numbers with compatible blood dwindles on Sanctum — Murphy encourages Bellamy to hear out their captors in exchange for amnesty, not just for himself but all the survivors still on board the orbiting spaceship. Furious that Murphy’s self-serving, opportunistic ways have resurfaced with his newfound fear of death, Bellamy quickly sees through his ruse, especially after noticing that Murphy isn’t chained to the floor anymore. After briefly coming to blows, however, Murphy makes it clear that the motives behind his betrayal aren’t as self-centered as they seem.

Since the start of the series, Murphy and his friends have come into bloody conflict with virtually every single community they have encountered on Earth. Years of bloody violence and in-fighting have taken a toll on every returning character in the post-apocalyptic series, including Murphy, and had cost humanity Earth itself after the warring factions destroyed the last habitable part of the planet, incapable of reaching a compromise. For Murphy, Sanctum’s offer is more than just about conquering death but avoiding further bloodshed between rival factions; the new planet offering humanity one last chance at peace and a fresh start.

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John Murphy is one of the most complicated and complex characters on The 100. Since the start of the series, he has endured his own painful crucible of blood and fury, leading him to become a hardened survivor that seems to works for the good of those loyal to him, all the while maintaining his signature sarcastic streak. Shaken by his early experiences on Sanctum, Murphy had become increasingly vulnerable and aware of his own mortality, which was exploited by the Primes but, really, Murphy is still looking out for his friends while still fully aware that he is betraying their trust once again.

With half of the season remaining and the crew of the Eligius IV teasing the possibility of being able to create new Nightbloods, the possibility of peace between the two factions remains.

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But, given the history of the series, despite Murphy’s deepest hopes for peace, a violent showdown between the Primes and the Eligius IV passengers would appear to be something of an inevitability by the end of the season. And, when the shooting does start, it remains to be seen which side Murphy will fall on.

The 100 airs on The CW Tuesdays at 9 pm ET/PT. The series stars Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Marie Avgeropoulos, Bob Morley, Henry Ian Cusick, Lindsey Morgan, Richard Harmon and Tasya Teles.

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