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Marvel Comics Announces Ultron Agenda for This Fall

Marvel has announced The Ultron Agenda, a new comic that will hit shelves September 2019.

The teaser for the comic features a piece of promotional artwork by Mike Deodato Jr. The art shows Tony Stark/Iron Man facing off against Ultron. Above the title of the book is the phrase “Unite or Perish.”

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Additional information about the comic was not provided, and there’s a lot about the book that’s unclear at this time. No writer or regular artist has been announced, and it’s unclear just how many issues the series will run.

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Following the Rage of Ultron event, the titular artificial intelligence saw himself mentally and physically bonded with Hank Pym/Ant-Man, his creator. He then took on the name of Pymtron. It’s likely the comic will have something to do with the Ultron Virus, which integrates those who come into contact with it into the sinister A.I.’s hive mind.


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