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Hasbro Planning Power Rangers Movie Reboot, With New Cast | CBR

After the critical and financial failure of the 2017 Power Rangers film, the franchise seemed to have stalled out. That was until earlier this year, in February, when it was reported that Hasbro and Paramount Studios were discussing another Power Rangers film, though there was no indication as to whether or not the project would be a sequel or a reboot.

We may now have our answer, courtesy of Dacre Montgomery, who played Jason, the Red Ranger, in the 2017 film. The actor recently held a Reddit AMA session for Season 3 of Stranger Things (in which he plays Billy Hargrove) and was asked whether fans would see another Power Rangers movie. Montgomery stated, “I think there is a movie in the works, but it’s not with me and the cast. So yes but not with us,” which suggests a reboot is currently in development.

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The 2017 film, directed by Dean Israelite, centers on a group of teenagers who discover an ancient, alien spacecraft and the consciousness of one of the ancient Rangers. They train and fight together to stop Rita Repulsa from using a powerful crystal to destroy the Earth and all life on it. Power Rangers was filmed on a budget of $100 million and grossed just $142.3 million worldwide. Critic and audience reviews were mixed to negative with many criticizing its scope and failure to capture the spirit and energy of its predecessors.

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While this seems to be confirmation that a Power Rangers reboot is in the works, no details have been released regarding who the new cast members could be, or what the story would be about.

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