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5 Of The Best Techniques in Dragon Ball GT (& 5 Worst) | CBR

Regardless of what some might think of the series, Dragon Ball GT was undeniably a showcase of some pretty stellar techniques on the part of both the heroes and the villains. It was also at times a showcase of some of the weakest moments in DB history. This massive polar shift from extremely amazing to extremely lackluster might be part of the reason fans don’t resonate with this series as much as others, but what’s undeniable is that the series is still a cultural staple in anime.

We’ve collected some of the best examples of both useful and useless techniques from the GT run. That’s moves that quickly turned the tide in battle, as well as those that fell flat on their face.

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10 USEFUL: Fusion Dance

Though it’s certainly not a technique first introduced in Dragon Ball GT, the Fusion Dance proves to be essential to Goku and Vegeta defeating the show’s biggest threat. GT also continued with the series’ tendency tradition of using fusion sparingly, and only when it was absolutely needed.

That means that when Goku and Vegeta did fuse, it was because they had absolutely no other open. Sounds pretty useful to me.

9 USELESS: Super Saiyan 3 (Goku)

In his regular adult body, Super Saiyan 3’s time-constraints and the physical toll it takes were disadvantages Goku was more or less able to work around. In his child body, though? It’s honestly barely worth it.

After failing to achieve the form earlier in the series, Goku is finally able to reach SSJ3 in a battle with Baby Vegeta, although he quickly realizes he’ll need more power if he hopes to get any real damage done. Combine that with the fact that he’s not as strong in his child body as Goten and Trunks were, and you’ve got a technique that hurts even more than it might have otherwise, and helps even less.

8 USEFUL: Thunder Eraser

It’s hard to pick just one technique used by Super 17 for this list. Though his arc is pretty short, the initial few episodes following his fusion showed us some moves that were as brutal as they were effective.

GT overall was a darker series than Dragon Ball Z, but there’s a particular nastiness in Super 17’s fighting style that, depending on your age and general sensibilities, might make some cringe when first witnessing it. The Thunder Eraser is an example of this: a uniquely terrifying short-range ki blast in a series that has historically kept that kind of thing at a distance.

7 USELESS: Final Shine Attack

While Gogeta’s Final Kamehameha would have never done the trick without Vegeta’s added strength, this technique closed out GT batting 0 for 2. Earlier series always had a purpose for introducing new techniques, but the Final Shine Attack never seemed to have one.

Perhaps part of the reason GT has such a bad reputation is because of techniques like this that seemed to serve no purpose other than as a display of lights, and a reminder that Vegeta will never surpass Goku in strength even if he might deserve to.

6 USEFUL: 10x Kamehameha

The Dragon Ball series has always been big on power scaling, so there aren’t many techniques that were universally useful throughout the entirety of the franchise. That being said, the 10x Kamehameha might be one of the closest.

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Used first as a trump card against Baby Vegeta, it still served Goku well in his battles against Super 17 and most of the Shadow Dragons, only becoming completely useless against Syn Shenron. That’s a pretty great track record, all things considered, and one that’s rare for a franchise that seems to disregard characters and techniques as quickly as it creates them.

5 USELESS: Special Beam Cannon (Cell)

This is probably the most useless technique used in all of Dragon Ball GT, but since this list isn’t in any particular order, it’s right smack dab in the middle. Cell using the Special Beam Cannon to try to take out an astronomically more powerful Goku only took up about a second of run time, not to mention that it was easily dodged by the again superior Goku.

This was Goku in his child body too, not as weak as he was in Dragon Ball, but still weaker than he would have been in an adult body. That’s honestly just embarrassing.

4 USEFUL: Negative Karma Ball

Doesn’t this just sound like it hurts? When Omega Shenron used this technique near the end of GT, it was clearly one of the most powerful things the series had seen, if not as brutal to watch as some of Super 17’s moves. There’s just something about red ki blasts that screams raw, dark power, which is probably why GT used so many of them.

What can be said for sure is that techniques like the Negative Karma Ball are what established Omega Shenron as not just a threat to the Z-Fighters, but probably the biggest they had faced to that point.

3 USELESS: Mighty Hurricane Fury

Though she isn’t said to be as weak or weaker than Haze Shenron, Oceanus Shenron poses very little threat to Goku and Pan. Part of this is due to the fact that most of her abilities involve wind, which does more to annoy the Z-Fighters than stop them in their tracks.

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They definitely face some challenges with Oceanus, but she is among some of the first few dragons encountered that are by no means world-breaking threats. If she wanted to defeat the Z-Fighters, she would have had to do better than Mighty Hurricane fury.

2 USEFUL: Universal Spirit Bomb

This was Goku’s answer to Omega Shenron’s Negative Karma Ball, so you can imagine how powerful it would have had to be to ultimately get the Z-Fighters their victory.

This technique, as you might have guessed, draws on the ki of every living thing in the GT Universe, and is probably the strongest attack in the franchise prior to the introduction of Beerus in 2015’s Battle of the Gods film. It would be interesting if the Dragon Ball Super manga decided to create a Multiversal Spirit Bomb, though that might be a little hard to draw.

1 USELESS: Haze Shenron Dragon Great Vibration

Readers should understand that this was Haze Shenron’s special move, and even then Pan was able to best him with ease. Pan had proved herself as a powerful fighter throughout GT, but she was still the weakest of those who were keeping up on their training at the time.

The fact that Pan could easily defeat a major enemy says less about her strength and more about whether that enemy even deserves the title of major to begin with.

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