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10 Weakest Special Attacks In Sailor Moon | CBR

Admit it: one of the best things about Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is seeing your favorite Sailor Guardian perform their trademark attacks. Yes, the series has some amazing characters and villains, and the storytelling is engaging and unforgettable, but, at the end of the day, you want to see Sailor Moon and her friends beat the bad guys up.

As formidable as the Sailor Guardians are, their magical techniques aren’t always up to snuff. Some are better equipped than others. So, let’s look at all the Sailor Guardians’ special attacks, and then determine which ten are, in fact, the weakest.

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10 Sailor Star Maker: Star Gentle Uterus

The Sailor Starlights are shown to be stronger than the Inner Sailor Guardians in the anime. The proof is them surviving the final battle with Sailor Galaxia. To be fair, though, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus sacrificed themselves to save the Starlights. So, perhaps they only lucked out.

Nevertheless, the Sailor Starlights were able to take phage monsters down with one hit. It’s implied they may have killed some phages, too, before meeting Sailor Moon, but that’s not confirmed. Of the three Starlights, Maker didn’t appear to have the most potent technique. Her Star Gentle Uterus wasn’t as powerful as Fighter’s Star Serious Laser or as concussive as Healer’s Star Sensitive Inferno.

9 Sailor Venus: Venus Love and Beauty Shock

When Pegasus upgraded Sailors Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter’s powers, he also gave them new techniques. Sailor Venus was gifted Venus Love Beauty and Shock, which involves her throwing pure energy in the shape of hearts. Sounds considerably more weak than even a chain of hearts. But was it useful?

In its all uses, Venus Love and Beauty Shock did no more than subdue. She broke some mirrors, too. There was even an instance where Sailor Iron Mouse dodged the blast by turning her body just a few inches. Sailor Venus is the Guardian of Love, but she’s more than just a lover. She’s a fighter who deserved a better attack.

8 Sailor Pluto: Dead Scream

Sailor Pluto’s signature attack in the 90s anime is one of the best-looking sequences in the series. Even the name—Dead Scream—is awesome. Fans cannot help but be excited when Sailor Pluto unleashes this move on the enemy. Fortunately for the bad guys, Dead Scream won’t do a lot of damage.

Sailor Pluto only used Dead Scream a handful of times in the entire anime, and not once did it kill an opponent other than some low-level minions. The saddest part is Pluto is an Outer Sailor Guardian, so her powers are inherently stronger than the Inners. Or rather, they should be.

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7 Sailor Mars: Fire Soul Bird

As a Cardian attacked Rei at her school’s cultural festival, the other Sailor Guardians were rendered unconscious. Thus, leaving Sailor Mars by herself. She was already weak, too, from having her energy sapped by the mermaid monster. In the end, Mars got the upper-hand when she unveiled Fire Soul Bird.

Sailor Mars is the most impassioned fighter, but it feels as if her special attacks got weaker as the series went on. In the beginning, she was one of the core group’s powerhouses. Her Fire Soul Bird is stunning to watch, but it never defeated the enemy in the two times it was ever used.

6 Sailor Jupiter: Supreme Thunder Dragon

Makoto thought the new student Seijūrō Ginga was the Moonlight Knight. Her theory was, of course, wrong as Seijūrō was really one of the aliens—Ail and An—the Sailor Guardians had been tangling with lately. When Seijūrō’s “sister” Natsumi became jealous of him and Makoto hanging out, she attacked them ruthlessly. Things seemed hopeless, especially after Ail and An sicced a Cardian on those pesky Sailor Guardians. Finally, Sailor Jupiter took intervened with a new move called Supreme Thunder Dragon.

Seeing Sailor Jupiter construct a sentient dragon out of electricity, and then sending it to feast on Ail and An’s underling, is glorious. Sadly, Supreme Thunder Dragon was only used once, and it failed to eliminate the threat. After all, Sailor Moon still needed to destroy the Cardian.

5 Sailor Saturn: Silent Wall

It’s not fair how underused Sailor Saturn was in the first anime adaptation; Hotaru only appeared as Saturn in a couple of episodes. We also didn’t see her destructive Death Reborn Revolution technique like in the manga. It was alluded to in the fight against Pharaoh 90, but we didn’t see it.

When dealing with Queen Nehalennia, Sailor Saturn tried to execute her world-destroying Silence Glaive Surprise. That is, until Sailor Chibi-Moon intervened out of fear of losing her best friend again. Other than that move, Saturn’s only other ability shown in the anime was a defensive technique called Silent Wall. It was a force field that shielded her and others from harm. Effective, but is this all they could muster up for the Guardian of Ruin?

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4 Sailor Moon: Moon Tiara Stardust

Before Sailor Moon got a hold of her trusty Moon Stick or the Legendary Silver Crystal, she was faced with a problem she hadn’t faced before. It all started with the Dark Kingdom creating a new pet called the Chanela. These chinchilla-like critters were part of the enemy’s ploy to seize life energy en masse.

In addition, anyone who owned a Chanela was susceptible of becoming a zombie-like minion of the yōma, Iguara, in charge of the mission. Sailor Moon couldn’t very well destroy Iguara’s victims, which included her brother Shingo. Luckily, Luna had an idea. After throwing her tiara and saying the incantation “Moon Tiara Stardust,” Sailor Moon reversed the effects on Shingo and the others.

This was a one-off maneuver that served its purpose. In essence, it was successful, but was it even necessary? We’re pretty sure just defeating Iguara would have reversed the spell on Shingo and everyone else. That being said, Moon Tiara Stardust probably would have been ineffective against humans turned into actual yōma.

3 Sailor Mercury: Bubble Spray

One has to ask why Sailor Mercury’s attacks were comparatively weaker than those of her fellow Sailor Guardians. It’s not as if water isn’t a powerful element. In the beginning, Mercury’s first attack was Bubble Spray. In most instances, Mercury conjured mist to shroud her opponent’s vision. This wasn’t all she could do, though. On top of mist, Mercury’s bubbles could neutralize explosive devices, instantly cool down a river of lava, amplify Sailor Jupiter’s electrical abilities, and more.

So, why is Bubble Spray considered to be weak after all that? Despite how creative she was with her very limited power, Mercury was put at a disadvantage. Her friends created fire or shot beams of light. In a battle against a more brutal foe, Mercury’s Bubble Spray just wouldn’t cut it.

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2 Sailor Chibi-Moon: Pink Sugar Heart Attack

Sailor Chibi-Moon was living up to her mother’s legacy by being the anime’s comic relief. When Chibi-Usa returned as a Sailor Guardian in training, she was endowed with her own wand called the Pink Moon Stick. She used it for Pink Sugar Heart Attack, which irritated more than hurt.

Most of the time, Sailor Chibi-Moon couldn’t even get Pink Sugar Heart Attack to work. It was useless unless Chibi-Moon’s conviction was unwavering. In episode 121, she did manage to generate enough force behind Pink Sugar Heart Attack to repel Tellu’s offenses.

1 Sailor Chibi-Moon: Twinkle Yell

In the manga, Sailor Chibi-Moon was capable in her own right. She could perform two fatal finishing moves—Rainbow Double Moon Heart Ache and Moon Gorgeous Meditation—with Sailor Moon. Yet she was stripped of these abilities in the 90s anime. After her powers were enhanced by Pegasus, Sailor Chibi-Moon was given a magical instrument called the Crystal Carillon.

While holding the Crystal Carillon, Chibi-Moon says a little prayer, then shouts, “Twinkle Yell” in a bid to call for Pegasus. The flying unicorn finally bestows Sailor Moon the power to use Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Aside from summoning Pegasus, Twinkle Yell had no other purpose. Then again, without it, Sailor Moon couldn’t defeat the Dead Moon’s lemures monsters.

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